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Powerful Single Pane-of-Glass Management for Dell N-series Switches and Ruckus Wireless Solutions

Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC) is a unified Enterprise IT management system to view, monitor, and configure multi-vendor wired and wireless IT infrastructures. CruzOC works with both CommScope Ruckus products (access points, controllers) and Dell networking devices (N/S-series switches) to provide complete wired and wireless visibility, connectivity, and management.

With CruzOC, IT departments can simplify the deployment and management headaches with a single tool to obtain performance statistics; monitor health; backup/restore/deploy firmware; push and monitor configurations to wireless controllers, APs, and network switches; trigger network health alerts; automate repetitive tasks; simplify troubleshooting; and ensure service availability.

Automated discovery, performance monitoring, configuration backup and restore, firmware management, scheduling, traffic flow analysis, configuration audit capabilities, scripting, reporting, and more... all from a single pane-of- glass and at affordable price.

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CruzOC Campus Wireless Benefits

  • Scalability: CruzOC + Dell Networking and CommScope Ruckus products let enterprises start small and scale over time as they grow.
  • Automate Operational Tasks with Flexible Scheduling: From simple, yet time-consuming, repetitive tasks, to complicated security compliance management, consolidate management to automate operational tasks. Automate compliance checking for wired or wireless settings. Automatically remediate out- of-compliant conditions.
  • Automate Device Discovery: Detailed information on devices and their connectivity, with the ability to draw physical and logical topology maps.
  • Save Money: Manage lifecycle of converging infrastructures, including deployment, updates, and change control – all with one software product, one license. Minimal resources are required manage, maintain, and monitor your wireless infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot Faster: Create dashboards with alerts, topology, and monitoring to locate service-affecting problems for faster MTTR.
  • Proactive Problem Identification and Alerting: Visibility into issues, or potential issues, in your network before they escalate.
  • Get/Stay in Compliance: Plan and detect changes, automate remediation and provide comprehensive change reporting. Pre-defined or user define compliance checks to keep controllers, APs, and wireless infrastructure compliant with internal or external requirements.
  • Utilize Your Infrastructure Assets: Know what you what you have, its location, and report on it with real time inventory to make better technology investment decisions and find underutilized devices/ports.
  • Multi-tenancy: Support multiple client organizations from a single instance. Off load management or provided limited access to wireless or wired portions of the network using built-in multi-tenant capabilities.
  • Reduce TCO: Proactively monitor for problems, automating common configuration actions, and enabling easy firmware deployment – lets administrators focus on more critical activities.

Simplify, Centralize, and Automate Wired and Wireless Campus Operations

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