Virtual Resource Manager (VRM)

Extended Virtual Resource Management for Evolving Cloud Delivery Models and VNFs

New delivery models like HCI (Nutanix), private cloud implementations (Azure stack), Edge, Fog and IOT solutions -- they all require infrastructure and network automation to manage support costs and service agility to address user data security, latency and corporate best practices.

Our Cruz base package automates key processes including resource discovery, device configuration, and closed-loop error correction across multiple vendors, technologies, and organizations. The Cruz Option for VRM extends these MANO capabilities to support key virtualization processes that automate and simplify the instantiation, monitoring, scaling, and removal of virtual functions and applications across physical and virtual network, compute, and storage components.

Key Features:

Private and HCI cloud infrastructure installation automation processes

Ongoing converged management of new Cloud platforms

Automated identification and correction of bare metal issues

End-to-end inter-cloud service orchestration and monitoring

ETSI defined Network Function Virtualization VRM capabilities

Cruz Options:

Virtualized Resource Manager (VRM)
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Advanced Traffic Flow Management (TFA)
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High Availability (HA)
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Dell OpenManage Essentials (OME) Integration
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