High Availability (HA)

Ensure visibility and availability your IT infrastructure 24/7

High Availability (HA) is an important option for users in very large or carrier-class deployments. With the HA configuration of Cruz, you can maintain visibility into the health and performance of your IT infrastructure and ensure 24/7 availability.

Key Features:

HA installs automatically and makes the Application Server highly available and load balanced

Application Server clustering (with SonicMQ JMS)

Mediation server load balancing (with the Application Server round robin process)

Mediation server failover

Supports Database replication (must have Oracle Parallel Server, Oracle’s Real Application Cluster [RAC] or equivalent, database)

You can also have a form of HA at the application level with transaction management

Cruz Options:

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High Availability (HA)
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Dell OpenManage Essentials (OME) Integration
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