Automate Operational Tasks with One Unified Platform for Converged Orchestration and Management

Modernizing and growing data centers can be a headache for today’s IT organizations. Keeping track of the converging devices in your environment, how they relate to each other and to other parts of your infrastructure, and what services they affect, can be difficult and time consuming. Dorado Software and Dell EMC offer powerful solutions to simplify managing disparate infrastructure platforms, applications, and IT services.

Dell EMC OpenManage NM (OMNM), powered by Cruz Operations Center is a single-pane-of-glass to collect, configure, analyze, monitor, orchestrate and automate multi-technology, multi-vendor, and converging IT infrastructures including compute, servers, storage, networking -- not only from Dell EMC but also other vendors like Cisco, HP, Arista, Aerohive, Juniper, Nutanix, Brocade, F5, Lenovo, SonicWALL and hundreds more.

OMNM is packed with user configurable functions and advanced features such as discovery, performance monitoring, configuration backup and restore, firmware management, reporting, scheduling, traffic flow analysis, server management, and configuration audit capabilities…all from a single console and affordable price.

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Key Benefits

Automate Operational Tasks: From simple, yet time-consuming repetitive tasks to complicated security compliance management, you can’t automate until you consolidate management.

Troubleshoot Faster: Dashboard with alerts, topology, and monitoring to locate service-affecting problems across your environment for faster MTTR.s

Get / Stay in Compliance: Plan and detect changes, automate remediation and provide comprehensive change reporting.

Utilize Your Infrastructure Assets: Know what you have in your physical and virtual real time inventory to make better technology investment decision, find underutilized devices or ports regardless of manufacturer.

Manage and Orchestrate E2E Dell EMC: Dell EMC-funded integration for proprietary features for best-of-class Dell EMC management and operations. Examples: Bare metal deployment, iDRAC, Redfish, VxRack, etc. Integrated with Dell EMC-backend systems for warranty, support and administration functions

Save Money: Manage the entire lifecycle of your converging infrastructure, including deployment, updates, and change control -- all with one software product, one license and one console to manage all your converged infrastructure.

Multi-tenancy: Support remote sites with multiple clients organizations within a Hierarchal Container view from a single instance.

Key Functions

  • Consolidate server, storage, and networking management including wireless, virtual networking, ESXi, clients SonicWALL security devices, routers OpenNetworking, SDN, etc.
  • Server Specific Features: BMC/RAC Management (Redfish) - Dell IDRAC, HP ILO, Cisco IMC, Lenovo XCC
  • Proactively monitor performance, applications, protocols, health and services and data reporting
  • Manage E2E multi-vendor, converged HW/SW resources / assets
  • Robust performance monitoring, reporting, and analytics to identify network bottlenecks
  • Agentless monitoring with detailed information on the devices and their connectivity, including physical and logical topology maps
  • Proactively remediate failures based on performance, and compliance
  • Automated responses to system or network events, like send e-mail and SMS notifications and invoke custom actions
  • Event management filters and event, alarm, and trap forwarding
  • Comprehensive scripting capabilities for virtually unlimited flexibility
  • Simple default dashboards provide key information at-a-glance
  • Robust performance data collection, visualization, and reporting
  • Traffic Flow Analysis and Reporting provides access to sFlow data
  • Built-in and custom reports
  • Topology maps with the ability to import/export to Visio
  • Manage Change, Configuration, Auditing and Compliance
  • ProScan compliance audit proactively monitors device configurations and helps track down and correct configuration issues
  • Configuration backup and restore protects against catastrophic device failure
  • Integrated firmware repository for centralized deployment of firmware updates
  • Inventory and configuration reporting to identify outlying devices
  • Easily configure and manage groups of devices: configuration changes and firmware deployments to multiple devices in one operation
  • Advanced scheduling for key tasks, such as backup, restore, deploy and configuration changes

Supports hundreds of vendors and technologies:

Vendors: Cisco, HP, Juniper, Arista, Brocade, Aerohive, SonicWall, Ruckus, Nutanix, Lenovo, Cumulous, Alcatel-Lucent, Aruba and many more.

Technologies: Compute, Server, BMC, Storage, Network, HCI, 5G Wireless, Wifi, Firewalls, Load Balancers, Hypervisors, VMs, Containers, Applications, SDWAN, SDN, Open Networking (ONA), NFV, Environmentals, IP Cameras, IOT Sensors, etc.

Comprehensive Dell EMC Infrastructure Support: PowerEdge, M I/O Aggregator, VRTX IOM C/ N/ S/ W/ X/ Z –Series, MDL XC Series, VxRail, VxRack, VEP, Unity.

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