One System for Dell EMC Systems, Storage and Networks

Take advantage of Cruz's integration to Dell OME for a single system to view and manage all your network and server inventory. This Cruz option is available to users of OME who wish to view, monitor and report on OME server management through Cruz.


Easily pull in OME inventory with simple use of OME IP address and credentials

Report on all your network device inventory and OME inventory

Selectively poll an OME server's inventory for Alerts

Get all OME Alerts and leverage Cruz’s automation frame work to e-mail notify or perform other actions

OME servers inventory does not impact your license manged device count

Create custom monitors and monitor groups to monitor OME inventory

Create performance dashboards

Monitor OME device status

Cruz Options:

Virtualized Resource Manager (VRM)
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Advanced Traffic Flow Management (TFA)
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High Availability (HA)
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Dell OpenManage Essentials (OME) Integration
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