Cruz Edge Management

Powerful Edge Automation, Monitoring, and Management

Security, Compliance, Health, Performance and Software Lifecycle Orchestration

Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC) is a unified Enterprise IT management system to view, monitor, and configure edge infrastructure that lets you maximize performance and eliminate outages.

Remote or Branch infrastructures are converged, and BYO software and devices. Management solutions must manage these multi-technology solutions with minimal local support to meet the business expectations.

The CruzOC Edge Management Solution offers a single pane-of-glass for comprehensive security, compliance, health, performance, and software lifecycle orchestration for your edge software-defined infrastructure and legacy hardware.

In a single solution, IT managers can view and manage diverse environments of multiple technologies – physical/virtual/compute/network – from multiple vendors.

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Solution Benefits

  • Minimize onsite technical support costs
  • BYO software and hardware flexibility
  • Automated new solution deployment
  • Manage consistent and timely software upgrades
  • Manage bulk automated branch actions
  • Visualize navigation across numerous branch sites
  • Isolate problems across multi-components
  • Discover and manage existing equipment
  • Branch configuration and security compliance
  • Automate closed loop corrective processes
  • Site resource preparation and restoration for updates
  • Monitor environmental temperature and power metrics

Security, Compliance, Health, Performance and Software Lifecycle Orchestration

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Solution Highlights

  • Consolidate Resource Management: Centralized visibility to all office compute, networking, and application performance metrics.
  • Log & Telemetry Support: Collect, filter, analyze and visualize
  • Software Lifecycle Management: Update software and associated dependencies corporate-wide to network devices, computers, or applications.
  • InterSite Management: Control and performance of external connectivity.

  • Minimum Touch Deployment: Accelerate office rollout with technician- free automated resource and network configuration.
  • Autonomous Operation: Continuous management if site is disconnected from WAN and Central Control.
  • Active Compliance: Validate all resource configurations, change auditing and automated compliance enforcement.
  • Low level Component Visibility: View and manage bare metal level components including GPUs.

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