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Cruz: Monitor Any Device in Your Environment Supported Devices and Beyond
Alicia Hessinger - Wednesday, January 24, 2018

While Cruz monitorsconfigures and manages multi-vendor networks with specific device drivers for leading vendors like Dell, Cisco, Juniper, HP Procurve and more, monitoring devices without a driver is possible too with Cruz’s uniform base driver. In addition to devices with drivers, you can discover and monitor any device with an IP address.

For instance, if a generic SNMP-supporting device, just load its MIB, and monitor its traps without customizing the software with a device driver.  Cruz can retrieve the following attributes (for SNMP v1-3): sysDescr, sysObjectID, sysUpTime, sysContact, sysName, sysLocation. Cruz uses the ifTable to provide a list of device interface entries from the RFC1213-MIB. Cruz also depends on the entPhysicalTable in the ENTITY-MIB which provides list of physical entities contained on device.

If you would like enhanced functionality to configure an unsupported device (i.e. to back-up their configurations and deploy firmware to them), no worries, just ask us! The driver you need may be in development, we could develop custom for you... or you could do it yourself with our easy-to-use device driver SDK!  For more information view the Cruz Datasheet.



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