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Cruz: Collaboration for Change Real-time Collaboration Bridges Traditional Silo’d Barriers
Alicia Hessinger - Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cruz’s portal-based architecture offers ease-of-use and collaboration capabilities that give the organizational work groups in your company a truly integrated experience to instantly access both vital network and service information, in addition to co-workers' expertise, from anywhere.

With a built-in, secure, internal instant messaging system, you can easily share links to issues of interest (devices, alarms, etc.) with others in your organization to collaboratively solve problems. You can even create online conferences where you can share these links and whiteboard solutions with others.
And with Cruz’s open source web framework, you can use compliant gadgets like calendars and wikis.
Here are some other highlights of Cruz's collaboration:
  • Real-time communication of individuals and teams through secure web portal (IT problems are solved in real-time) means teams can work together and break through traditional silos
  • One single common interface for monitoring and managing services and devices (no sloppy, separate tools to manage your network – and don't waste a bunch of time on training)
  • Role-based content delivery for individuals and groups (users see only information that pertains to them). This results in increased security and less "information overload" for your workforce
  • Multiple language support (in today’s world, teams need to be able to communicate faster and clearer with each other than ever before). Flexibility is a "must-have" feature in Web 2.0-style collaboration. 


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