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Cruz: Automation to Support the Cloud
Vicki Crozier - Sunday, January 21, 2018

As more businesses use cloud-based solutions for cost effectiveness and flexibility of their IT solutions, automated processes with integrated support have become a necessity across compute infrastructure, network and operating systems. Cruz has extended its proven management capabilities to support these new integrated automation requirements. 

Automation Drives: Cloud

Infrastructure Maintainability  

As the benefits of cloud and function virtualization become accepted, new cloud delivery models are emerging to address data security, latency, and corporate best practices. Models include HCI architectures, private cloud implementations of major cloud provider solutions such as Azure, and integrated combinations of these models. All require infrastructure and network automation to manage support costs and new service offerings.

Automation Drives: Today’s Networks

In today’s networks, services are increasingly becoming virtualized. Either in support of cloud-based applications or as deployments of scalable virtual network functions; managing the network increasingly involves the automation and management of virtual network capabilities. Cruz lets users instantiate, maintain, monitor, scale, and remove end-to-end network services across both physical and virtual network components.

Automation Drives: Virtualization 

The benefits of virtualization have been proven in many business models. Application and network elasticity, virtual desktop, power management, and resource sharing have all contributed to innovative application deployment and significant cost reductions. Invariably, a key enabler of virtualization is automation. Cruz extends its proven history of automating key virtualization processes to instantiate, maintain, monitor, scale, and remove applications and services across network, compute, and storage components.

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