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Cruz: Automation Drives Virtualization
Alicia Hessinger - Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The benefits of virtualization have been proven in many business models. Application and network elasticity, virtual desktop, power management, and resource sharing have all contributed to innovative application deployment and significant cost reductions. Invariably, a key enabler of virtualization is automation.

Cruz has a history of automating key processes including resource discovery, device configuration, and closed-loop error correction, across multiple vendors, technologies, and organizations.

Now Cruz extends these capabilities to support key virtualization processes. Specifically, the Virtualization Management and Automation option lets users instantiate, maintain, monitor, scale, and remove applications and services across physical and virtual network, compute, and storage components. Cruz automates the coordination of hardware servers, software, and network resources—both physical and virtual—that support virtual functions for cloud providers and enterprises, across their data center and distributed implementations.

Cruz provides key automation capabilities to improve return on investment of existing virtualization processes while allowing proven end-to-end support for hybrid solutions of the future.

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